The Sims: A Reading List

I have been watching lots of Lazy Game Reviews‘ videos lately, and was intrigued when he mentioned that the manual for The Sims had a reading list in it for people who wanted to further explore the themes of the game.

A quick Google didn’t find me a copy of the list, and a little further digging found me this tweet from @Ccollinsada1, who posted a picture of the reading list, to the joy of someone else who had been searching for it. For the convenience of anyone else looking for the reading list in The Sims’ manual, here is the text verbatim.

– – –

Recommended Reading

Here are some titles that might enhance your understanding of some of the background and social issues entertained in The Sims. Warning: all are filled with provocative ideas; Maxis disavows any responsibility for encouraging deep thought.

Home: A Short History of an Idea by Witold Rybczynski (July 1987)

Penguin USA; ISBN; 0140102310

Notes on the Synthesis of Form by Christopher W. Alexander (June 1970)

Harvard University Press; ISBN; 0674627512

A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction by Christopher Alexander; Sara Ishikawa, Murray Silverstein (1977)

Oxford University Press (Trade); ISBN; 0195019199

Architecture: Form, Space, & Order by Frank D. K. Ching, Francis D. Ching (February 1996)

John Wiley & Sons; ISBN; 0471286168

Housing by Lifestyle: The Component Method of Residential Design by James W. Wenting (November 1994)

McGraw-Hill; ISBN; 0070692939

Time for Life: The Surprising Ways Americans Use Their Time by John P. Robinson, Geoffrey Godbey (Contributor), Robert Putnam (June 1997)

Pennsylvania State University Press (Trade); ISBN; 0271016523

Maps of the Mind by C. Hampden-Turner (March 1982)

MacMillan Publishing Company; ISBN; 0025477404

Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life by David D. Friedman (September 1997)

HarperCollins; ISBN; 0887308856

Making the Most of Your Llama by Linda C Beattie (Editor), Araneen Witmer (Illustrator), Kathryn Doll (Editor), Dr. Linda Beattie (September 1998)

Kopacetic Ink; ISBN; 0961963417

Finding Your Perfect Love by Arthur Clark, Cassandra Skouras (January 1998)

Rosebud Press; ISBN; 0965276902

The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size by Tor Norretranders, Jonathon Sydenham (Translator) (April 1998)

Viking Press; ISBN; 0670875791


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