It’s 2017 and I Just Played Mega Man for the First Time

I have never played the Mega Man games before. A gap in my knowledge. They just weren’t that popular in Europe, partly because the NES wasn’t I think. I certainly can’t recall ever coming across many copies of them. The first Mega Man game I remember seeing around a lot was the first Battle Network. The Mega Man Legacy Collection was on sale on Steam the other day so I figured I’d give it a go.

You see, I suck at videogames. I love them, I spend an inordinate amount of time playing them (Time you should spend writing – Ed.), and yet, I suck at them. I think the only game I was ever really good at was League of Legends, and at that briefly, because of the sheer amount of time I spent playing that game and playing solely Ezreal. I use guides, I use savestates, and I play on easy mode.

That first skeleton in Dark Souls that throws bombs at you fucked me right up.

So I started with the first Mega Man. I picked a stage at random, I think it was Gutsman’s stage? I lost half my health on the little helmet guys and then couldn’t get past the platforms. Gravity is fucked up in that game. As is inertia.

Ok, I decided to try Mega Man 2. That’s the best one, right?

I got past the first screen at least. I still really suck at it, but I’m gonna try (on normal mode). At least the soundtrack is excellent. And looking up the soundtrack, I came across this:

Man, it must be fucking awesome to say you’re in a rock band and get asked what you play.

“Oh, me? The NES.”

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