Having to Habit Form is Becoming a Habit

It’s 2015, which means I can no longer put things off by considering myself sorta-semi-on-hiatus after having done most of the work I wanted to do this (last) year, which was a few commissions and getting a book of poetry out the door while finishing a first draft of another project and mostly ignoring the blog you’re reading this on. So, I’m back, although if you followed me on my twitter, tumblr, facebook or instagram, I’d never left except to go bugger around in the backroom. First up this year is getting back in to the swing of things in terms of my own work that I do for myself, so I’ll be posting a few short pieces on albums that I really love and keep returning to. Largely they’ll be the one album a band has done that I think is their best, or at least is my favourite, for some reason. Look forward to me treading out some tired clichés (the phrase tired cliché is a tired cliché – ed) about Loveless. Meanwhile I’ll be attempting to put another book (you’re still allowed to buy my last one, I won’t mind) and starting on the one after that. Also, a quick reminder that if you want to get hold of me to ask me about proofreading/copyediting/copywriting for you, you can reach me using the social media listed above, or at james.farson@googlemail.com.

Happy New Year


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