What My Problem Looked Like In June

A fairly quiet month by my standards. All were gifts to me



7 thoughts on “What My Problem Looked Like In June

    • Both are on “the list” along with The Wind From Nowhere, as of yet I’ve only read his later transgressive stuff (Crash, High Rise, The Atrocity Exhibition etc.) and some of the short stories like The Terminal Beach which I had the good fortune to come across in a class on SF 🙂

      • Yeah, I’ve read a great deal of his early short fiction along with High Rise and Concrete Island. The Wind From Nowhere is supposedly rather bad… but, who knows.

      • Yeah, it’s definitely on that whole “inner space” trip. It’s still SF the way William S Burroughs is SF, if you liked Naked Lunch you should definitely like The Atrocity Exhibition

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