A quick review of Joelle Herr’s James Joyce: The Essential Works in One Sitting, from Running Press

A nice enough little introduction if you’re a lay reader (I want Harold Bloom’s job. Give it to me.) who honestly has no idea about Joyce and just wants the dirty, quickly, and for whatever reason hasn’t just used Wikipedia. For people studying Joyce, or literature in general, in a more serious (you are citing your research) capacity, look elsewhere unless you just fancy a bit of fun. If you already know a bit, the factual errors and omissions will put a serious dampener on your fun, and for this it loses a few points. For example, Herr states that Stephen refuses to pray at his mother’s funeral, whereas he actually refuses to pray at his mother’s deathbed. Yes, I am the kind of person that writes a thesis on Joyce and then goes back and reads an introduction to Joyce, so he can get annoyed about the inaccuracies, perceived or otherwise. I want Harold Bloom’s job. Give it to me.

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