A Pile of Verbs, and a Subject

Look at this,
Sparrow, I guess,
on the lawn,



try not to


scare it away


5 thoughts on “A Pile of Verbs, and a Subject

  1. James – Hi. I really like this. However , it may be a moot point but I feel it needs to be said. Maybe a slight amendment ? Who am I to say?
    A sparrow is a passerine avian, or not quite technically, but similar to a songbird. It cannot caw or clack. These are noises made by birds such as Crows, Rooks or Ravens. David Attenborough would have your ass man!


    • Are any of the birds you suggested birds that would appear in your standard English Garden? I want my verbs to remain! Also thank you for the comment and liking it etc. 🙂

  2. Ok. You would see Crows and maybe a Rook if you had a tall tree. Not on the grass probably.And you did “guess” at a Sparrow so you didn’t actually nail your proverbial verbs to the wings of the poor creature. Which would be cruel.

    Humorously Chris

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